Natalie Portman drops another rap on SNL, with help from Andy Samberg: Watch

The veteran actress spits fire about dildos, smokes a blunt while giving birth, and defends the honor of the Star Wars prequel

12 years ago, when Natalie Portman made her SNL debut, she memorably shed her good girl image and dropped a few bars about drugs, sex, and cheating on tests at Harvard. This evening, she made her long-awaited return to Studio 8H with another rap in tow. She may be 12 years older and now mother of two, but Natalie maintains her vicious edge. In the X-rated digital short, aptly titled “Natalie’s 2nd Rap,” the actress spits fire about clickbait and dildos, compares her husband’s penis to a Chipotle burrito, and smokes a blunt while giving birth. She also defends the honor of the Star Wars prequels, reuniting with both Jar Jar Binks and Andy Samberg (the latter of who was featured in the original rap). Watch it all below.

And here’s the original “Natalie Raps”:


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