State of the Empire Episode 46: Smuggler’s Bounty: Dissecting the Han Solo Trailers

The long-awaited Solo trailers are here and we're discussing and dissecting all that we've seen to separate rumor from fact and discover more about this ever-elusive film.


To keep tabs on the ever-growing pop culture zeitgeist that is Star Wars, we bring you State of the Empire. Led by Art Director Cap Blackard, the series speculates on the future of the franchise and looks for news in Alderaan places.

It’s finally here! After months and months of waiting for a glimpse, a glimmer, a sliver of the hotly-debated Han Solo film: the Solo trailer has arrived! Oh wait, not just “trailer”… “trailers“! Lucasfilm has doubled-down on the under-promoted impending release and with these first looks there’s a lot to unpack.

Join Cap, Doug, and Matt as we weigh what we’ve seen against the rumors and leaks we’ve been excavating this past year. We attempt to piece together a timeline from the plot-light teaser trailers, look for clues in leaked action figures, and examine possible ties to classic Star Wars continuity. Solo still isn’t a film any of us wanted, but it just might satisfy the cravings we have for that funky, Expanded Universe vibe and the skeezy smuggler weirdness of the outer rim.

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