Fox pushes release dates for X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants

Originally planned to debut this year, both films will now bow later in 2019

The New Mutants and X-Men: Dark phoenix haver both been pushed

Mutants were supposed to have a massive 2018, with 20th Century Fox lining up three very different films throughout the year. Now, however, it’s down to just one, as both The New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix have had their release dates pushed back until 2019.

Josh Boone’s superhero horror experiment The New Mutants had already been shifted from a April 13th release to February 22nd, 2019, and now has been bumped again to August 2nd of next year. The move comes as filmmakers continue to rejigger the story, including adding a whole new character during upcoming reshoots. Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays Colossus’ sister Magik in the movie, told The Playlist that she’s frustrated by the delay, but sees it as a net positive.

“I do think that there is a great responsibility to make sure the movie is done right and that we deliver the fans something that they can all feel happy about and excited about,” said Taylor-Joy. “So, I don’t think it being delayed is a bad thing because it’s definitely more important to make sure that we get it right than rushing to make a date. So, hopefully, all of these reshoots and adding of the new character that will give the fans an altogether satisfactory, wonderful product.”

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Dark Phoenix, meanwhile, will fill Fox’s February gap by coming out on Valentine’s Day 2019. That film marks the directorial debut of long-time X-Universe producer/writer Simon Kinberg as he tries to successfully translate one of Marvel Comics’ most iconic storylines to the big screen. Fox attempted once before with the Kinberg-penned X-Men: The Last Stand, but roundly failed. “I think we took our eye off what has always been the bedrock of the franchise which is these characters,” Kinberg told EW about The Last Stand. “It became about global destruction and visual effects over emotion and character.” This time, Sophie Turner returns as a young Jean Grey who loses control of her powers to become the unstoppable cosmic entity known as The Phoenix.

The delay of X-Men: Dark Phoenix leaves space for Bohemian Rhapsody, starring Rami Malek and directed by one-time X-Men guiding force Bryan Singer, to be bumped up. The Freddie Mercury biopic will be released in Dark Phoenix’s old spot, November 22nd, 2018. Fox’s anticipated Deadpool 2 is still set for a May 18th release, so at least there will be some big screen mutants this year.


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