Yo La Tengo return with new album There’s a Riot Going On: Stream

The indie veterans' first LP of entirely new material in five years

Yo La Tengo, photo by GODLIS
Yo La Tengo, photo by GODLIS

Yo La Tengo return today with their new album, There’s a Riot Going On. Apple Music and Spotify users can stream it in full below.

Due out via Matador Records, the 15-track collection follows 2015’s Stuff Like That Therebut is technically their first full-length featuring entirely new material since 2013’s FadeIf its title seems to ring a bell, that was the indie rock outfit’s intention.

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“In 1971, when the nation appeared to be on the brink of violently coming apart, Sly and the Family Stone released There’s a Riot Goin’ On, an album of dark, brooding energy,” reads a press statement. “Now, under similar circumstances, Yo La Tengo have issued a record with the same name but with a different force, an album that proposes an alternative to anger and despair.”

In an interview with Stereogum the band’s bassist/vocalist James McNew described how the self-produced LP came together “accidentally”:

“In 2015 — the Pro Tools/Avid corporation are constantly upgrading their software and finally upgraded it so the audio interface we’ve been using since 2003 was now obsolete. So we were forced to get a new piece of gear and I didn’t know how to use it. I would mic up things in our practice room and trick Ira and Georgia into playing. Luckily, I saved some of that stuff. One of those days turned into “She May, She Might” for sure. Eventually I got to the point where I could get work done. Then we did a pretty big movie soundtrack project around the end of 2016, was that when we finished that?”

To support the record, Yo La Tengo will kick off a three-month tour of North America and Europe beginning March 28th. Find their full itinerary here.

There’s a Riot Going On Artwork:

ylt theres a riot going on art Yo La Tengo return with new album Theres a Riot Going On: Stream

There’s a Riot Going On Tracklist:
01. You Are Here
02. Shades of Blue
03. She May, She Might
04. For You Too
05. Ashes
06. Polynesia #1
07. Dream Dream Away
08. Shortwave
09. Above the Sound
10. Let’s Do It Wrong
11. What Chance Have I Got
12. Esportes Casual
13. Forever
14. Out of the Pool
15. Here You Are