Collecting Stephen King with Johann Trotter

One of Ireland's biggest fans dusts off her bookshelf with the Losers

Johann Trotter, Instagram

Constant Listeners, it’s time we turn our attention on you. Welcome to the first installment of Collecting King, a new series that finds us talking to the myriad collectors roaming around King’s Dominion. Yes, yes, we know, there are a lot of you out there.

To kick things off, Michael Roffman talks to Ireland’s own Johann Trotter, whose expansive collection has amassed quite a following on Instagram. Together, the two chat about her earliest experiences with King’s works, her rarest finds, and why she loves Pet Sematary.

Listen above and return next week for another round of Needful Tweets, a visit to Hollywood King where we talk about New Line’s adaptation of The Long Walk, and dump out a Bag of Bones.


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