Fred Armisen, Tim Heidecker, and John C. Reilly are dumb astronauts in new A24-produced series

Called Moonbase 8, it will follow three hopeful spacemen living in NASA’s Moon Base Simulator

Fred Armisen, Tim Heidecker, John C. Reilly

With Portlandia having wrapped up its eighth and final season last month, Fred Armisen is gearing up for the release of a brand new show. Called Moonbase 8, it’s a collaboration between journeyman comedian (and excellent musician) Tim Heidecker, Oscar-nominated actor John C. Reilly, and Portlandia co-creator/Heidecker collaborator Jonathan Krisel. Oh, and it’s being produced by the venerable, prolific A24 entertainment company. That’s…a pretty incredible lineup.

According to Deadline, the six-episode series will follow “three subpar astronauts living in NASA’s Moon Base Simulator in the desert with high hopes of being the next chosen to travel through to the moon.” A24 calls it “pure comic genius” and that they “can’t wait to introduce this fearless group of astronauts as they prepare to go where several people have gone before…but not as hilariously.”

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Heidecker and Reilly have a long working relationship, with Reilly’s frequent Awesome Show character Steve Brule having helmed his own show produced by Heidecker’s own Abso Lutely Productions, who are partnering with A24 on Moonbase 8. Heidecker has also appeared on several episodes of Portlandia.

This marks A24’s second independently financed television series following last year’s Amazon comedy Comrade Detective, starring Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Update: Check out the first cast photo of Armisen, Heidecker, and Reilly.


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