Fred Ward reuniting with Kevin Bacon for Tremors TV series: Report

Blue collar heroes Valentine McKee and Earl Basset will save us from graboids yet again

Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon, Tremors

Everyone loves a good ol’ reunion: When it was first announced that Kevin Bacon would be returning to the Tremors universe for a new television series from Blumhouse TV, that was enough reason to get excited. After all, the guy hasn’t appeared in any of the (mostly godawful) sequels, so having him come back as Valentine McKee was something of a big deal. But, it gets better … let’s just say, he won’t be alone.

According to a tweet by Doctor Who director Richard Clark, Bacon’s McKee will reconnect with Fred Ward’s Earl Basset:

Curiously enough, Ward is still listed as rumored on IMDb and wasn’t included in a recent Deadline report that announced the addition of P.J. Byrne, Hunter Parrish, Ebonée Noel, Brandon Jay McLaren, and Haley Tju to the cast. Still, this is a pretty high-profile production, especially for this franchise, and seeing how Ward appeared in the 1996 direct-to-video sequel, Tremors 2: Aftershocks, it’s not exactly a stretch to see him return.

Andrew Miller serves as showrunner and wrote the script for the eight-part series. Here’s the official synopsis:

“25 years after Valentine McKee defeated the Graboids, and the man who once seemed destined for greatness is anything but. He’s a small-town hero whose glory days faded away with the monsters he braved and whose family moved on when he couldn’t let go of the past.

And yet McKee’s hoping that everything’s about to change. His grown daughter coming to visit on the heels of her graduation could signal a permanent homecoming. But no sooner than she arrives, strange and terrifying events make it clear the town is in danger.

Led by McKee, the gang from Perfection begins to uncover the spine-chilling truth of what’s hunting them. With the future looking darker than ever, these small-town heroes must shake off the dust of years to see what they’re made of.”

Let’s not forget, this isn’t the first time the graboids have burrowed into television. In 2003, there was a short-lived series for the Sci-Fi Channel that lasted for a single season and 13 episodes. Michael Gross’ Burt Gummer headlined that show, and while he hasn’t been invited for this one, you can see his militaristic ass return in the forthcoming sixth sequel, Tremors: Cold Day in Hell, due out in May.

In the meantime, watch the trailer for the original below and revisit our 25th anniversary commemoration.