TV Party: “Appreciating The West Wing’s ‘Two Cathedrals'”

Allison and Clint also speak with young Mrs. Landingham herself, Kirsten Nelson

The West Wing, NBC

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    This week on TV Party, TV Editor Allison Shoemaker and senior writer Clint Worthington are joined by two of the show’s finest Cabinet members (Kate Kulzick and Caroline Siede) to kick off our new recurring segment on perfect, ambitious episodes of television, You Get Hoynes!

    Of course, we couldn’t very well do this segment without celebrating the episode it was named after: The West Wing‘s spellbinding season two finale, “Two Cathedrals”.

    From Martin Sheen’s bravura speech to God in the National Cathedral to the flashbacks of young Jed Bartlett’s relationship with the recently-passed Mrs. Landingham, it’s a masterful hour of Peak Aaron Sorkin television we take great pleasure in discussing in detail — presumably while continuously walking down the halls of CPN Studios.


    Along the way, Allison and Clint also provide a snippet of their interview with young Mrs. Landingham herself, Kirsten Nelson. Take a listen!

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    3:27 – TV News
    Grey’s Anatomy renewed, RIP Harry Anderson, the Allison Mack and Robbie Turner controversies

    14:02 – This Week in TV:
    Clint: Black-ish, “Fifty-Three Percent” (ABC)
    Caroline: For the People, “World’s Greatest Judge” (ABC)
    Allison: Legion, “Chapter 11” (FX)
    33:08 – Kate: Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Eighty-One” (CW) (SPOILER ALERT)

    You Get Hoynes: The West Wing, “Two Cathedrals” (NBC)
    37:57 – Why this episode?
    46:00 – Episode Synopsis
    49:35 – Writing
    1:20:32 – Performances
    1:31:36 – Interview w/Kirsten Nelson (Young Dolores Landingham) (full interview to come in this week’s After Party)
    1:36:32 – Direction and Cinematography
    1:43:24 – Score and Music

    1:55:01 – Next Week in TV:
    Caroline: Crash Course (YouTube) and Westworld, “Journey Into Night” (HBO)
    Allison: The Americans, “The Great Patriotic War” (FX); Dirty Computer (MTV)
    Kate: Premieres of Into the Badlands (AMC) and Archer; Danger Island (FX)
    Clint: The Expanse, “Assured Destruction” (Syfy)


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