Alice Glass awarded $20,000 in legal fees after judge dismisses Ethan Kath’s defamation suit

Glass has accused her former Crystal Castles bandmate of sexual, psychological, and physical abuse

Alice Glass Crystal Castles
Alice Glass

In October 2017, Alice Glass accused Ethan Kath, her former bandmate and the founder of Crystal Castles, of years of sexual, psychological, and physical abuse. In response, Kath (real name: Claudio Palmieri) filed a defamation suit against Glass. That suit was dismissed in late February, but the legal battle wages on.

Kath subsequently filed a request to vacate February’s dismissal. On Wednesday, Judge Samantha Jessner denied Kath’s request while also awarding Glass (real name Margaret Osborn) $20,882.69 in costs and attorney fees.

The request for vacancy stemmed from Kath’s claims that the February dismissal was the result of “mistakes, inadvertence, neglect, and misconduct” on the part of Kath’s former attorney A court order, obtained by Pitchforkreveals that the judge ruled that this argument didn’t hold water.

Per Pitchfork:

“Jessner ruled against Kath, finding that a dismissal doesn’t have to be vacated in cases where ‘a party has the opportunity to file an opposition to a motion, but fails to do so effectively,’ or where ‘a party’s attorney makes mistakes of well-established law.’ She held that both of those situations applied in Kath’s case. At no point during the entire process did the judge rule on the substance of Kath’s original allegations, such as whether Glass defamed him.”

After the ruling, Glass took to Twitter:

One of Kath’s lawyers told Pitchfork that they plan to appeal. A lawyer for Glass held a different view, stating in an email to Pitchfork, “The case is over.”

Meanwhile, Kath was the subject of a sex crimes investigation in Toronto late last year.