Tom Holland on What He Loves and Regrets About Thinner

Fright Night and Child's Play filmmaker has always had a thing for Stephen King

Tom Holland Interview

“Let the curse fit the crime.”

Constant Listeners, are you still losing weight? Does it feel like your bathroom scale is mocking you at this point? If so, grab a trough of snacks and head to the cinemas with us for a rare viewing of Tom Holland’s Thinner.

Join Losers Mel Kassel, McKenzie Gerber, Michael Roffman, and Justin Gerber as they review the 1996 Blockbuster rental and later talk to Holland himself, who details the story’s epic long walk from page to screen. It’s a treat.

Listen above and return next week when we preview The Outsider and go over a seemingly endless pile of news straight outta Hollywood King.

Chapters include: Intro, Thinner Roundtable Movie Review (3:45), Interview with Tom Holland (1:05:45), and Outro (1:56:00)


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