Stephen King’s The Outsider, It: Chapter Two Casting, and One Big Surprise

Constant Listeners, prepare to take a weekend trip to Chicago this July

The Outsider, Stephen King
The Outsider, Stephen King

Constant Listeners, head to the bookstore: There’s a new murder mystery!

For this week’s episode, Losers Randall Colburn and Mel Kassel offer their preliminary noses to Stephen King’s latest novel, The Outsider, while Michael Roffman makes one major announcement after some Needful Tweets and Hollywood King.

Listen above and return next week with some popcorn and Pepto-Bismol as we hunker down and watch a godawful sequel to a Stephen King movie.

Chapters include: Intro, Needful Tweets (2:30), Hollywood King (17:24), The Outsider Non-Spoiler Review (1:02:45), The Outsider Spoiler-Filled Review (1:23:00), The Big Announcement (1:37:00), and Outro (1:42:30)


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