Study: These are the festivals where you’re most likely to get laid

50.2% of festival-goers say they are interested in a weekend fling

More than half of festival-goers are interested in a weekend fling
More than half of festival-goers are interested in a weekend fling

The fine people at TickPick have committed an act of public service — at least for those hoping to get laid at a music festival this summer. (And no, this isn’t a sponsored post.) Some kind soul over there got it in their head to ask roughly 1,000 people about their doin’-it habits at music festivals. It’s a fairly comprehensive how-what-when-where-why, with a few delightful anecdotes thrown in for good measure. These are their findings.

First of all, half of all respondents say they’re absolutely ready and willing to, er, get to know someone at a music festival. Biblically. Half.

Music festival sex survey


Next, if you’re wondering which festival ticket is most likely to get you laid, it’s Electric Forest, that paragon of tents and tents-n-bass. Bonnaroo, um, comes in, er, hot on its heels. Coming in last is the iHeartRadio Music Festival, probably because knockin’ boots in an arena is likely to get you ejected. From the venue.

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Perhaps most helpfully, the study also pumped out (sorry) some data on the most popular spots to, shall we say, fuck. Tents win. Port-a-Pottys don’t.

music festival sex survey locations tent

You’ll find the rest of the results below, including findings on oral sex (nearly half of festival attendees have indulged with a stranger), popular positions, and some individual anecdotes, including a gem about Iron Maiden that you won’t be able to un-know. TickPick’s study also rightly mentions two of the most important components in any festival dalliance: spontaneity, and most vitally, consent. Scroll down for the rest of the rock hard data.

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