Ranking Stephen King’s Skeleton Crew Pt. 2

The Losers sort through the best of the 1985 short story collection

Skeleton Crew, Stephen King

“Do you love?”

Constant Listeners, let’s take a detour down Motorway B as we leave Castle Rock. Keep your hands inside, hold on to your hats, and don’t look into the woods. Soon enough, you’ll be back at Horlicks University.

Join Losers Randall Colburn, Michael Roffman, Justin Gerber, and Mel Kassel as they finish ranking every tale in Stephen King’s 1985 short story collection, ending with the top 10.

Listen above and return next week when we return with a ton of Needful Tweets, a visit to Hollywood King, and a big ol’ Bag of Bones. Until then, leave us a glowing review on iTunes. We love those.

Chapters include: Intro/History, Morning Deliveries (Milkman #1) (25:00), Beachworld (35:00), The Reaper’s Image (46:00), Nona (54:00), The Reach (1:07:15), Gramma (1:24:10), Survivor Type (1:45:00), Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut (2:03:15), The Jaunt (2:20:30), The Raft (2:36:20), Final Thoughts (3:10:00), and Outro (3:15:00)


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