Sony announces two-day Ghostbusters Fan Fest for June 2019

Plus, plans to bring Elmer Bernstein's score on the road this fall

Ghostbusters ecto 1 stay puft marshmallow 1984
Ghostbusters, 1984

Wanna feel old? Today marks the 34th anniversary of Ivan Reitman’s classic Ghostbusters. To celebrate, Sony, Ghost Corps, and Wizard World have announced their plans to throw a two-day festival next year in Culver City, California for the 35th anniversary.

From June 8-9th, the Ghostbusters Fan Fest will take over the famed Sony Pictures Studio Lot for an “ultimate celebration of the film,” from exclusive panels to meet-and-greets with talent to themed augmented reality games. Of course, all of that means jack shit to this Scoleri brother if they don’t extend an invitation to Alessi, Mick Smiley, or The Bus Boys.

Two guarantees on the guest list so far include Reitman and Crystal Vodka CEO/former comic Dan Aykroyd, who announced the news today with this cute clip that finds the two busting heads outside the iconic firehouse. Watch below:

In the meantime, Sony will keep the proverbial slime flowing with an assortment of goodies. Starting this fall, Ghostbusters In Concert will see Schirmer Theatrical performing the late Elmer Bernstein’s score in concert halls and festivals all across the country. For extra gravitas, the show will be conducted by Bernstein’s son Peter, who probably received a nice check from Sony and started singing like Venkman.

Whoa, here’s Aykroyd again with the scoop:

Then, sometime later this year, fans will be able to toss on a proton pack themselves with the augmented reality game, Ghosbusters World. Developed by Next Age and published by FourThirtyThree Inc., the game will have players “capturing hundreds of ghosts from all dimensions of the franchise, including the films, TV shows, comic books, theme parks, and video games.” Fans can catch a demo this July at San Diego Comic-Con.

As for any future films or television shows, it’ll be interesting to see what Sony has in the cards. It’s obvious these activations are simply a way to generate interest in the brand again, especially after 2016’s reboot came and went faster than Larry King’s cameo in the original. Whether we see another reboot (please no), a new animated series (not bad), or a direct sequel (meh) remains to be seen.

Perhaps this all calls for a little New jack swing?