Jim Carrey to play villain in Sonic the Hedgehog movie

Veteran comic joins James Marsden and Tika Sumpter

Jim Carrey, Sonic the Hedgehog

Two years ago, we reported that Deadpool director Tim Miller was interested in developing a hybrid CG-animated/live action Sonic the Hedgehog film. Well, good ideas die hard, and this one has managed to survive the lower bowels of Hollywood development hell, enough that things are now in motion over at Paramount Pictures.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Miller’s longtime Blur Studio collaborator Jeff Fowler will direct the production, making this his first feature film, and so far he’s roped in an A-list cast. Chasing those golden rings that Sonic loves so much will be James Marsden, Tika Sumpter, and, if negotiations don’t go South, the Mask himself, Jim Carrey.

Carrey would play Robotnik, aka Doctor Eggman, the mad scientist after Sonic’s goods. The guy’s pure jerkstore material and seeing how Carrey has a history of playing grinches and psychopaths, it’s kind of a perfect marriage. Of course, it would be quite a 180 from his more recent dramatic output, namely this year’s Dark Crimes and his forthcoming Showtime series, Kidding.

Versatility, baby.


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