Are you Kid A-ing? Jeopardy! contestant totally botches Radiohead question

The category involved bands "Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame"

Thom Yorke of Radiohead

Every once in awhile, in between the questions about nuclear fission and Ottoman Empire history, Jeopardy! tosses music fans some fun bits of trivia. Well, it’s enjoyable for us at least, but not necessarily the show’s brainy contestants.

Take for example last night’s episode, which included a category about rock acts who aren’t yet in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Although it’s a fairly broad category — there’s thousands and thousands of rock bands in existence! — one question in particular featured a clue that was a dead giveaway for Radiohead:

Are you “Kid A”-ing? These alt-rock legends weren’t part of the class of 2018, their first year of eligibility.

Or so we thought. The one and only contestant to buzz in confidently answered Beastie Boys, to which we can only reply, “Are you Kid A-ing, Andrew?” Another contestant, Amy, had an answer on the tip of her tongue, but who knows if she would’ve actually said Radiohead or ya know, Nickelback. We had our bets on Scott, who nailed category questions on The Cure, Devo, and Whitney Houston, but alas, perhaps he momentarily became… an Amnesiac. (Am I hired, Jeopardy?)

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Replay the clip below.

Apparently, music trivia is consistently one of the hardest Jeopardy! categories, despite the fact that host Alex Trebek loves Drake.


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