Westside Gunn shares new album, Supreme Blientele: Stream

Anderson. Paak, Busta Rymes, Jadakiss, and more guest, while production comes from 9th Wonder, Alchemist, and others

Westside Gunn

Westside Gunn has shared his sophomore solo album, and it comes with three different names and covers: Supreme Blientele, aka Chris Benoit, aka God is the Greatest. Whatever you call it (we’ll stick with Supreme Blientele), you can stream the entire thing below.

The follow-up to the Buffalo, New York MC’s 2016 FLYGODSupreme Blientele (a clear play on Ghostface Killah’s second solo record, Supreme Clientele) is as guest-heavy an album as they come. In addition to Westside’s Artist of the Month brother, Conway, the LP features Anderson .Paak, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Benny the Butcher, Crime Apple, Roc Marciano, Keisha Plum, and ELZHI. Marciano also provided production, as did 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, Alchemist, Statik Selektah, SADHU Gold & Hesh, and Harry Fraud. Even Westside’s own daughter makes an appearance, telling other rappers to stop copying her dad on the track “Amherst Station”.

As the Chris Benoit title suggests, much of the album ties into a wrestling theme. (Benoit was a pro wresetler who murdered his wife and son before committing suicide in June 2007.) The intro track, “Big Homie Arn”, is a recording of former wrestler and agent Arn Anderson discussing discovering Benoit. “Brossface Brippler”, which features Busta and Benny, is a reference to Benoit’s trademark move, the Crossface Crippler. Track titles “Dean Malenko”, “RVD”, “Brutus”, “MEAN Gene”, “Sabu”, “The Steiners”, and “Ric Martel” are all references to ring icons, while the .Paak-featuring “Wrestlemania 20” is a clear WWE nod.

Listen to the entire effort below.

Supreme Blientele Artwork:

Shot by @ellmatik back ArT @ral_duke & @bnardartwork. “The Rare FENDI stockings were hard to obtain but I had a vision. I felt this album took me back to roots when I wore the Ski Mask. I use to just let the music speak for itself. This picture is modern day ART to me, just RAW and FLY. This project is the beginning of the next chapter.”

Supreme Blientele Westside Gunn album artwork cover

Chris Benoit Artwork:

This was the original, hand painted piece done for the album and is by Isaac Pelayo. “CHRIS BENOIT with the 3rd eye just means I’m seeing EVERYTHING in this game and I’m killing EVERYTHING, no disrespect by any means to the BENOIT family it’s nothing but respect ART comes and can be interpreted in diff ways.”

Chris Benoit third eye Westside Gunn album art artwork cover

God is the Greatest Artwork:

Created by AWGE a collective made up of @hidjifilms @ygaflm @rickydula @fuckatnames @dntwatchtv. Everything was hand painted and drawn and the original piece is about 6ft. “I love there work and there causing a wave on the streets of NYC, having love for street ART I wanted to have an original piece of BENOIT that represents the culture.”

god is the greatest westside gunn album art artwork cover

Supreme Blientele, aka Chris Benoit, aka God is the Greatest Tracklist:
01. Big Homie Arn
02. GOD$ Don’t Bleed (feat. Jadakiss & Benny the Butcher, produced by Daringer)
03. Dean Malenko (produced by Daringer)
04. Brutus (feat. Benny the Butcher & Conway, produced by Pete Rock
05. Amherst Station (produced by Daringer)
06. RVD (feat. Keisha Plum, produced by Daringer)
07. Elizabeth (produced by Alchemist)
08. Mean Gene (produced by Alchemist)
09. StefflonDon (produced by SADHU Gold & Hesh)
10. Sabu (produced by SADHU Gold)
11. Brossface Brippler (feat. Benny & Busta Rhymes, produced by Alchemist)
12. Spanish Jesus (feat. Crime Apple, produced by Harry Fraud)
13. The Steiners (feat. ELZHI, produced by Pete Rock)
14. Ric Martel (feat. Roc Marciano, produced by Roc Marciano)
15. WESTSIDE (produced by Statik Selektah)
16. Wrestlemania 20 (feat. Anderson .Paak, produced by 9th Wonder)
17. AA Outro (produced by Harry Fraud)