Wyoming ranch bans rappers following Kanye’s listening party

Kanye changed his mind about the album release event "every 30 minutes," according to the ranch owner

Kanye West ye listening party wyoming rappers ban
Kanye West

    No more parties in Wyoming. The Jackson Hole, Wyoming ranch where Kanye West held his ye listening/release party has decided to ban rappers after the trouble caused by the event.

    Jane Golliher, owner and operator of the Diamond Cross Ranch, told TheBlast that while she appreciated the opportunity and exposure it gave her business, the party was the “most confusing” event they’d ever held at the venue. Kanye originally told them he intended to hold the party inside, but after changing his mind “every 30 minutes” he ended up throwing it outside. Local county ordinance says any sound played outside after 10:00 PM must be below 80 decibels, but Kanye blasted ye at 120. Making matters worse, the party was supposed to end at 10:00 but — in unfortunately typical Kanye fashion — it didn’t even start until 9:30. Golliher was apparently warned by Kanye’s team that he does whatever he likes and, well, that seemed to hold true.

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    At one point, Golliher’s husband threatened to cut the power if the event didn’t shut down. What’s more, she was forced to send ranch employees out to neighboring lodges to ask that no one called to county officials. Add this all up, and Golliher says she undercharged Kanye for the event and would have asked for $50,000 in retrospect.

    Still, Golliher holds no ill will towards Yeezy, though she has instituted a “no more rappers” policy at her ranch. Other events with “good music” are still welcome, but something tells us that will be more of the, say, Bon Iver variety in the future.


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