Sundance hit Assassination Nation gets a bloody, apocalyptic trailer: Watch

Stylish and shocking, the movie chronicles a suburb's descent into chaos after everyone's personal information gets leaked

Assassination Nation Trailer

We called Assassination Nation Twitter: The Movie when Sam Levinson’s Sundance hit dropped its first teaser last month. Now, with its first proper trailer readily available, it looks to be more like a slick, bloody amalgamation of The Purge: Anarchy and Spring Breakers.

The story of a suburban town that descends into violence and chaos after a hacker releases half of the town’s internet history, photos, texts, and e-mails, it apparently centers around a quartet of teen girls who aren’t afraid to square off against the encroaching mob, which includes no shortage of cops and a psychotic Joel McHale. “There’s two types of people in the world,” says one of the central gang. “People that have come to terms with privacy being dead, and the old people who are still trying to fight it.” It doesn’t more timely than that, does it?

Sure, the movie could very well be an exercise in shock value, but, when the breadth of human cruelty is just a Google search away, how else are we supposed make an impact? The young cast features Odessa YoungSuki WaterhouseHari NefAbraAnika Noni Rose, and Maude Apatow, as well as Bill Skarsgård and model Bella Thorne. It was written and directed by, who previously directed 2011’s Another Happy Day.

“I hate the fuckin’ internet,” says one tired adult, and we couldn’t agree more. Watch the red-band trailer below, and check out the movie’s official poster.


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