Michael McDonald, Don Was, Paul Rudd appear in Conan’s Star Wars Cantina Band mockumentary: Watch

Learn everything you never wanted to know about the jizz band from a galaxy far, far away

Paul Rudd, Conan

Conan O’Brien goes all out for Comic-Con, and this year is no exception. This time around, he’s roped a motley crew for a hilarious mockumentary on the Star Wars Cantina Band dubbed, Original Blowhards: The Story Of Figrin D’an And The Modal Nodes.

The four-minute clip is modeled off VH1’s Behind the Music and finds Doobie Brothers’ Michael McDonald, producer Don Was, and the one and only Paul Rudd as jerkstore executive Sethey Boone reminiscing on the infamous jizz band from a galaxy far, far away.

Watch below and catch the full episode tonight via TBS.

For a real documentary on the Mos Eisley cantina, check out our visual essay below, which goes into the deep history of the iconic scene. While you’re at it, subscribe to State of the Empire, our own Lucasfilm podcast, which looks for news in Alderaan places.



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