Deafheaven premiere new album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love: Stream

New Bermuda follow-up features the 12-minute juggernauts "Honeycomb" and "Canary Yellow"

Deafheaven, photo by Corinne Shiavone
Deafheaven, photo by Corinne Shiavone

Deafhaven have unleashed their new album, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love. Take a listen in full via Apple Music and Spotify below.

The seven-track effort marks the metal titans’ fourth to date and follow-up to 2015’s acclaimed New Bermuda. As with its predecessor, the LP was produced with Jack Shirley (Jeff Rosenstock, Joyce Manor) and sees Deafheaven weaving in “layered psychedelic vocals, jazz-inspired percussion, and intricate piano melodies.”

As for the album title, a press release notes that it comes from writer Graham Greene’s seminal 1951 novel, The End of the Affair, which references “a moment when someone is looking for love, in all of its imperfection and simple beauty.” It goes on to add:

“This sentiment is carried throughout the hazy, yearning romanticism of the record with song titles and words as sumptuous as the sounds around them. It’s a feeling of a loved one growing distant, medicating yourself with empty sex with strangers, and tears in a place faraway from home.”

Early singles for Ordinary Corrupt Human Love include mighty lead single “Honeycomb” and the 12-minute scorcher “Canary Yellow”.

This week, Deafheaven launch their North American tour.

Listen to our review of the album below.

Ordinary Corrupt Human Love Artwork:

stream deafheaven ordinary corrupt human love album new Deafheaven premiere new album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love: Stream

Ordinary Corrupt Human Love Tracklist:
01. You Without End
02. Honeycomb
03. Canary Yellow
04. Near
05. Glint
06. Night People
07. Worthless Animal