Somebody re-created John Carpenter’s The Thing on Grand Theft Auto V

The mod using the 2013 game's engine is unusually faithful by GTAV mod standards

Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar)

It’s been almost five full years now since Grand Theft Auto V shattered every imaginable sales record for video games and became a lightning rod for controversy in the spirit of the series. However, that hardly means that gamers have stopped getting value out of the expansive environments and generally wide berth to do any dumb thing you can dream up within its parameters. A simple YouTube search of “grand theft auto v movie mods” will yield a vast array of strange creations, from logical re-enactments of Fast & Furious sequences to people inserting Pennywise into the game.

One of the more ambitious to come across our desks in recent years, however, is this re-creation of John Carpenter’s 1982 classic The Thing, which manages to stage most of the film’s best-remembered setpieces in GTAV form. From the monsters to the claustrophobic terror, it’s all here, and yet more proof that the game series’ value extends well beyond the boundless hours of intentional gameplay. Between the online community and people screwing around with its code in this fashion, it’s proven endlessly valuable over time.

You can check out the “trailer” for yourself, and judge on your own just how close the creators came to nailing down the muted dread of Carpenter’s career-high achievement.


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