Grimes defends boyfriend Elon Musk over GOP donations: “it’s the price of doing business in america”

The Telsa CEO had donated almost $90,000 to Republican campaigns and committees

Grimes defends boyfriend Elon Musk over political donations, union

Elon Musk may be the biggest supporter of Grimes’ spacey new name, but the art-pop star has also been doing a lot of heavy lifting in her role as Supportive Girlfriend. Actually, she just might be his best publicist.

In May, Grimes (née Claire Boucher) defended her beau with regards to his questionable business practices. Specifically, she described allegations that Musk fired Tesla employees who were trying to unionize as “fake news.” “He has never prevented them from unionizing,” she insisted in a since-deleted tweet.

Now, Boucher has come to Musk’s aid once again, standing up to those who continue to criticize the Space X founder over the allegations. On Twitter, she said she’s “literally tried to instigate union vote so y’all wud lay off but UAW can’t get enough signatures.” Her remarks come just a week after the National Labor Relations Board released a report claiming Musk attempted in 2017 to negotiate with workers, saying he’d deal with their concerns as long as they agreed not to unionize.

Additionally, Boucher has defended Musk’s reported donations to GOP groups. A report earlier this month revealed that Musk had given nearly seven times as much money to Republican-affiliated campaigns and committees than Democrats since the beginning of 2017. Here’s Grimes’ justification via Twitter:

“every aerospace company has to donate to republicans in order to function. in fact most major companies across the board do, in some capacity. it’s the price of doing business in america. e donates way more money, like absurdly more, to environmental causes”

Of his donations, nearly $50,000 went to Protect the House, a fundraising committee which works to help keep Republicans in control of the House. It’s overseen by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, whose track record when it comes to environmental causes is rather pitiful — he doesn’t even believe climate change is real.

Update – 10:40 p.m. ET: Grimes has deleted several of the tweets. She also clarified that “there is no world in which i’m ok w republician donations.”


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