Grimes files restraining order against caped man who trespasses on property

The man yelled out that he needed to see musician so he could "take her for a ride"

Grimes, photo by Alex Crick

Grimes has filed a restraining order against a man who entered her property without permission.

According to TMZ, the man, identified as Raymond Barraja, scaled a hill at the back of her house. Once on the property, he yelled out that he needed to see Grimes so he could “take her for a ride.” The musician was not home at her time, but her brother was and called police.

The man, who was wearing a cape and carrying three computer mice, according to TMZ, was taken into custody and placed on a psychiatric hold. Grimes subsequently filed a restraining order.

This is not Grimes’ first encounter with a stalker. In a series of tweets posted earlier this year, she revealed that a stalker prompted her to cancel a concert in Brooklyn in 2016. “that was just a serious death threat and we didn’t catch the stalker before the show and i was suffering from health problems making it hard to eat which compounded exhaustion – just an unfortunate series of coincidences,” she explained at the time. “it was actually rly intense fbi were involved,” she added.


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