Kraftwerk performs “Spacelab” with German astronaut live from International Space Station: Watch

"I am one of only six people in space ... 400 kilometers above sea level"

Kraftwerk, Stuttgart’s Jazz Open Festival

It ain’t over ’til the German astronaut sings. On Friday night, Kraftwerk closed out their set at Stuttgart’s Jazz Open Festival in the most epic way possible by performing “Spacelab” with German astronaut Alexander Gerst, who’s currently stationed, oh, 400 kilometers above sea level.

As Gerst pointed out, he’s currently “one of only six people in space,”making him inarguably the coolest person in the universe right now. And to prove his cool, he used a tablet computer that was configured with a virtual synthesizer to duet with the group on the 1978 track.

Before all that, though, he gave a nice space lesson to the audiences:

“The ISS is a Man-Machine, the most complex and valuable machine humankind has ever built,” he explained. “Here in the European Columbus Laboratory, the successor to the Spacelab, the European Space Agency (ESA) is researching things that will improve daily life on Earth. More than 100 different nations work together peacefully here and achieve things that a single nation could never achieve. We are developing technologies onboard the ISS to grow beyond our current horizons and prepare to take further species into spaces, to the Moon and Mars.”

Does this guy know how to party or what? Watch the whole performance below, then look to the stars above.



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