There’s only one Blockbuster left, and it has no plans on closing

Come Sunday, Bend, OR will serve as home to the very last Blockbuster Video

Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon

Back in November, we reported that Blockbuster Video locations are, despite being shut down the world over, “thriving in Alaska.” Well, maybe “thriving” wasn’t the right word. The fledgling rental chain will see its final two Alaska locations in Anchorage and Fairbanks close next week, following the closing of four others earlier this year. Once upon a time, film buffs scoffed at the corporate chain, choosing instead to frequent their local, independent rental locations, but now these remaining stores represent the sad, slow end of a bygone era.

The good news is that Blockbuster isn’t dead yet. There’s one remaining location in Bend, OR, and the owners report that it has no plans of closing. “We all have licensing agreements and leases, but as of now we have no plans on closing,” general manager Sandi Harding said.

If you’re wondering why the location is holding out, it’s apparently at least in part due to their nostalgic approach. As CNN reports, the employees still clad in the chain’s official uniform and the interior splashed in those familiar shades of blue and yellow. They even still rely on the chain’s now-outdated computer systems, as well as floppy disks.

“It’s very nostalgic,” Harding added. “We have a bunch of 19-year-olds working here – it’s fun explaining to them what a floppy disk is.”

Meanwhile, streaming culture remains the way of the future. HBO, for example, is being ordered by new leadership to start adopting a very Netflixian approach.


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