Linkin Park pay tribute to Chester Bennington on one-year anniversary of his death

"Eternally grateful for the love, life, and creative passion you shared with us"

Linkin Park

Today (July 20th) marks one year since the music world lost Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, and his bandmates have paid tribute to him with an a brief yet emotional open letter to mark the solemn occasion.

Bennington was found at his home in Los Angeles County on July 20th, 2017. His death was ruled a suicide by hanging.

In a posting on Linkin Park’s official website today, his bandmates wrote:

To our brother Chester,

It has been a year since your passing—a surreal rotation of grief, heartbreak, refusal, and recognition.  And yet it sill feels like you are close by, surrounding us with your memory and your light.  Your one-of-a-kind spirit has authored an indelible imprint on our hearts—our jokes, our joy, and our tenderness.

Eternally grateful for the love, life, and creative passion you shared with us and the world.  We miss you more than words can express.


M, J, D, R, B

The initials, of course, refer to co-vocalist Mike Shinoda, turntablist Joe Hahn, bassist Dave “Phoenix” Farrell, drummer Rob Bourdon and guitarist Brad Delson.

In addition to Linkin Park’s letter, Farrell penned one of his own, which he posted on Instagram. It reads:

In the past year, there hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I haven’t thought of you. I miss you, and it still hurts to not have you here. I chose not to speak at your memorial because I couldn’t formulate the words to adequately express how I felt… I chose not to speak at the Celebration of Life Concert honoring you because I knew I’d struggle to even be able to speak at all. And today, a year after your passing, I still struggle to try and eloquently express what you mean to your family, your friends, your fans… and to me. There is so much that I feel, and that I could say, and that I would want to say, and that I don’t know how to say… but one thing I know for certain, is that you are loved, and you are missed.

Be Well My Friend,


The future of Linkin Park remains up in the air. Mike Shinoda released a solo album called Post Traumatic last month, but in multiple interviews he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of Linkin Park continuing as a band.


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