Crazy Train of Thought: Ozzy Osbourne tries to beat heatwave, fails miserably

Apparently, 3,000 pounds of ice couldn't do the trick

Ozzy Osbourne, photo by David Brendan Hall

With Los Angeles experiencing a massive heat wave last week, the Prince of Darkness came up with a solution to beat the hot temperatures. Ozzy Osbourne ordered a truck full of ice to cool down his swimming pool, but according to his wife Sharon, the plan failed miserably.

As Sharon relayed to her fellow co-hosts on her show The Talk, “When Ozzy went into the pool, there was no heater on, [but] it was boiling hot, and it was boiling hot outside. He goes, ‘I can’t take this, I need it to be cold.’ So he came up with this idea of putting the ice in…”

Ozzy then ordered a truck delivery of 3,000 pounds of ice and had it dumped into his pool, but the result wasn’t what he had hoped for. “It did nothing,” explained Sharon “Three degrees lower and Ozzy goes, ‘All right, we just gotta get more,’ and I’m like, ‘No, it doesn’t work!'”

Apparently, the Black Sabbath legend likes a nice dip into a cool pool after pumping iron. “He likes to work out, then jump into a cold pool,” revealed Sharon. “That’s what he likes. And it was, like, you can’t do it. So now, we’re having a cool thing put on the pool to make the water icy cold.”

Hopefully, Ozzy cools off in time to comfortably embark on his upcoming North American tour, which kicks off August 30th in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

See Sharon tell the story on The Talk below, and check out a couple pics she posted on Facebook of Ozzy and the ice.


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