Sacha Baron Cohen returns to TV with new series for Showtime

Showtime is calling this new project "the most dangerous show in the history of television"

sacha baron cohen showtime interview series trump

Yesterday, we reported on a curious tweet from actor and satirist Sacha Baron Cohen, one that finds the Borat and Bruno actor trolling Donald Trump with a stunt associated with the president’s disgraced Trump University, which was literally a scam. Now, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are reporting that the project could be associated with a new Showtime series starring Cohen.

As Variety notes, the project is said to be “similar to Baron Cohen’s Da Ali G Show,” a hilarious interview series that aired in the US on HBO. THR links the project with a cryptic tweet from Showtime from June 29th, when the network advertised an upcoming comedy that would be “the most dangerous show in the history of television.” Though it says it can’t reveal the show’s title due to non-disclosure agreements, the ad promises that “something fucking huge is coming July 15th.”

Don’t expect Ali G, Borat, or Bruno to appear, as Cohen has retired the characters. Whether or not he’ll conjure up new characters for the series remains up in the air, but Variety notes “it’s believed that at least one or two episodes have already been produced or at least roughly assembled.”

Cohen is currently slated to star in Netflix’s limited series The Spy, which is centered around secret agent Eli Cohen, a spy for Israel in Syria in the early 1960s.


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