Spiritualized’s J. Spaceman shoots down possibility of Spacemen 3 reunion: “I just don’t see the point”

"It's a weird one, because I'm not wild about anything that's, like, people just replaying their [old music]"

j spaceman spiritualized reunion spaceman 3
Spiritualized, photo by Autumn Andel

    Spiritualized’s Jason Pierce, a.k.a. J. Spaceman, is the latest artist to appear on Consequence of Sound’s Kyle Meredith With… podcast. The compelling interview, which includes a number of details regarding the making of his upcoming album And Nothing Hurt, also finds the musician nixing any hope of an upcoming Spacemen 3 reunion.

    Spacemen 3, the ’80s-era alt-rock outfit where Pierce cut his teeth, has been offered as much as £2 million to play a series of reunion shows, but thus far Pierce has resisted such overtures. Speaking to Meredith, he elaborates on why he would never consider bringing the band back together, admitting he’s “not so bothered to find out” if the band still has any of its old chemistry.

    “Why?” he asks with a bit of playful incredulity. “I just don’t see the point. I find it really difficult as to why. It’s a weird one, because I’m not wild about anything that’s, like, people just replaying their [old music].”


    He hilariously goes on to compare reunion concerts to civil war reenactments, though he does acknowledge that a recent Stooges show was one of the best he’s ever seen.

    “I’m not so against other people doing it,” he concedes, “but I don’t see me doing it.”

    Listen to the full interview below, in which he touches on the album’s themes, his health struggles, the future of Spiritualized, and how he wanted And Nothing Hurt to “sound like a Columbia Studios recording from the ’60s.”

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