Taylor Bennett previews EP with new single “Rock ‘N’ Roll” and video: Watch

Chicago MC and Chance the Rapper's younger bro teases his forthcoming Be Yourself EP

Stream Taylor Bennett's "Rock 'N' Roll" single

On July 12th, Taylor Bennett is expected to drop a new EP called Be Yourself. With just a little over a week to go, the Chicago MC (and younger brother to Chance the Rapper) has unboxed a new single called “Rock ‘N’ Roll” and accompanying music video.

With guest contributions from Zxxk and production by CEO BEATZ, the track is a chill R&B track featuring the shimmer of steel drums. Its visual, directed by Andre Muir, appears to take a cue from the single — we see Bennett just leisurely hanging outdoors on a summer day — but looks can be deceiving.

In actuality, the clip is comprised of scenes purposely assembled out of chronological order. While we the viewers are made to think Bennett and everyone around him are just innocent, random bystanders, they’re all somehow involved in the robbery of a record store. It’s a really fun watch, especially when all the pieces start to come together. Look out for the Elvis Presley masks, too, as they’re supposed to be a nod to “the appropriation of black music, which Bennett essentially steals back in the video,” according to Complex.

Check it out below.

Be Yourself was previously teased with the title track. Speaking to TIME recently, Bennett, who came out last year as bisexual, explained the importance of the song and the EP as a whole:

“Something that I want for not just children but all my listeners — no matter if you’re gay, straight, white, black, rich or poor — is understanding the power of being yourself. As children, very early we’re pressured into automatically being a part of groups. I want kids to understand that being yourself is important. [In] America, we have extremely high suicide rates and a lot [of that] stems from feeling like you don’t belong, feeling isolated. And the problem is that everybody around you is so selfish…

I was very inspired by Young Thug. He’s a good friend and talented recording artist. I stayed with him in the studio for two days while I was on tour. Man, I’ll tell you, there’s nobody that’s harder-working — and also nobody that’s more comfortable with being themselves. Expressing all your feelings seems impossible — or at least I would like to think so — for many African Americans. While I stayed with him, nobody was judged based off anything they were wearing, the way they talked… it was literally a safe, carefree community, which I don’t feel really exists for African Americans.

In related news, Bennett was on hand yesterday for big bro Chance the Rapper’s marriage proposal to longtime girlfriend Kirsten Corley.


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