Adding insult to injury, Alex Jones has been banned from YouPorn

"As an inclusive platform, hate has no place on YouPorn"

Alex Jones shirtless

Yesterday saw the long overdue purging of Alex Jones’ podcasts from iTunes and Spotify, the termination of his YouTube channel, and the removal of several Facebook pages used to disseminate his far-right, factually untrue conspiracy theories. Now, adding insult to injury, YouPorn has announced that it, too, is banning Jones from its platform.

“Team YouPorn is joining in solidarity and announces we are banning his content as well,” reads a statement issued by the pornography website. “As one of the largest user generated content platforms in the world, we have already removed his videos that have violated our terms of service. As an inclusive platform, hate has no place on YouPorn.”

If you’re wondering, yes, some of Jones’ videos were in fact available on YouPorn, including one clip titled, “Alex Jones lubing up and violently thrashing his opponents.”

Needless to say, thoughts and prayers to the dudes with the Alex Jones porn fetish.


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