Strap in for Christine and the Queens’ new video for “5 Dollars”: Watch

The French singer offers another preview of her forthcoming sophomore LP, Chris

Christine and the Queens 5 Dollars New Indie Pop Synth Electro Experimental Album Chris Colin Solal Cardo Because Music

Continuing the lead-up to the release of her long-awaited second albumChris, French synth-pop outfit Christine and the Queens has released a new single in “5 Dollars”.

A mere month after releasing the upbeat single “Girlfriend”, Héloïse Letissier continues her confrontation of gender and sexuality with “5 Dollars”. Directed by Colin Solal Cardo (who also helmed the visuals for her previous single “Doesn’t Matter”), “5 Dollars” follows Letissier as a dominatrix as she goes through her morning routine. Starting with yoga, shower, and makeup, she moves on to more challenging beats when her closet opens to reveal bondage gear and three-piece suits.

Backed by Christine’s delicate vocals and the throbbing delicacy of its synth track, it’s an intriguing look at the empowerment that comes from challenging gender presentation: “Some of us just had to fight/ For even being looked at right.”

Christine describes the video as “tender” and “disheveled,” her character proudly facing her role in the invisible margins of society. What and whom she’s preparing for remains unsaid, Christine relishing that ambiguity. “I wouldn’t advise to conclude anything too drastic, since you’re glaring yourself, in an obscene fashion — voyeur.

Watch the music video for “5 Dollars” below.

Chris is due from Because Records on September 21st.


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