No, Disney won’t rehire James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

Filmmaker and studio chairman Alan Horn reportedly met to discuss reinstatement

James Gunn, Marvel

James Gunn is not coming back to Disney.

Despite everyone’s best efforts — and by everyone, we mean the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy and several million fans online — the Mouse House has zero intentions of backpedaling on their decision and reinstating the director.

According to a report by Variety, Gunn and his UTA reps secured a meeting with studio chairman Alan Horn, which was described as “civil and professional.” However, it still ended with Disney and Marvel giving the ol’ fuck you to the director who’s made them billions of dollars.

Sadly, Marvel president Kevin Feige, who’s been rumored to be in Gunn’s corner, wasn’t present at the meeting. Sources tell Variety that Feige “stands by the studio’s decision,” which again doesn’t bode well for Gunn, but that’s okay, seeing how he’s apparently being courted by other studios.

As previously reported, Gunn was taken off the film after old tweets by the filmmaker were dug up by conservative personality Jack Posobiec. The tweets, which date as far back as 2009, include offensive jokes about topics like rape, transphobia, and pedophilia.

The search begins for a new director.


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