Tash Sultana previews debut album with new song “Free Mind”: Stream

A bluesy preview of the Melbourne songwriter's debut album, Flow State

Stream Tash Sultana "Free Mind" new song

Tash Sultana is just weeks away from the release of their highly anticipated debut album, Flow State. Following early singles “Salvation” and “Harvest Love”, the Australian songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and our latest Artist of the Month has unboxed a third song.

Titled “Free Mind”, it finds Sultana flexing more bluesy, jazzy chops. Here, their vocals and the accompanying music — which they wrote, produced, performed and arranged by themselves — climb and slink with both complexity and elegance.

“‘Free Mind’ was a song written over a couple of years,” Sultana explained on Instagram. “It was pretty much three different songs that I couldn’t figure out how to put together until one day when I was in the studio it kind of just fell into place. I don’t really write songs that are like 3 minutes 30 seconds because I find that super challenging but I feel like I said what I needed to say in those 3 and a half minutes.”

Take a listen below via the track’s lyric video.

Flow State hits stores August 31st through Mom + Pop and Sultana’s own Lonely Lands Records. To promote the LP, they are expected to tour North America this fall. Sultana recently delivered a memorable set at this year’s Lollapalooza Festival.


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