Fucked Up share striking, cinematic video for incredible new song “Normal People”: Watch

"This is the Fucked Up opus, I think, in a very real way," singer Damian Abraham said of the new album

fucked up music video normal people dose your dreams

Fucked Up came barreling back into our ears last month with “Raise Your Voice Joyce”, the fiery lead single off Dose Your Dreams, the Canadian hardcore act’s upcoming 18-track concept album. Now, the band has premiered a new video for sophomore single “Normal People” with Billboard, with whom they also shared some major insights into the record.

First, the video: Joyce Tops, the sorcerer of “Raise Your Voice Joyce”, appears alongside frontman Damian Abraham, who here manifests as David Eliade of the band’s 2011 album David Comes To Life. Also on hand are Fucked Up’s Mark Haliechuk and Jonah Falco, who play a pair of lost souls, one of which is a clown. The sprawling nature of the video mirrors the song, which pairs a variety of vocal arrangements with steady, rousing riffs and, yes, another saxophone solo. It’s kind of incredible. Check it out below:

Speaking to Billboard, Abraham revealed that the majority of the album’s music, concept, and lyrics was constructed by Haliechuk. “When it came to everything Mike proposed I was like, ‘let’s try it, I’m not going to fight you on anything on this record,’” he said. Later, he added, “When I look back at this record I’m like, ‘Thank God I didn’t fight him on any of this stuff,’ because this is his opus. This is the Fucked Up opus, I think, in a very real way. I can’t believe I’m saying all this nice stuff about him, because we don’t get along this well.”

Haliechuk added, “We’ve been a band for long enough, and I came into this one being like, ‘I want to make a definitive Fucked Up record.'”

Billboard describes the album as “telling a love story about a time-traveling revolutionary,” noting that it touches on a variety of topics, including “time traveling, anarchy, simulation universe theory, love, existential doubt, self-sabotage, suicidal urges and inescapable corporate culture.” You know, if you weren’t already excited.
Dose Your Dreams follows 2014’s Glass Boys, and will arrive on October 5th via Merge.

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