Marilyn Manson collapses on stage during concert in Houston

The shock rocker told the crowd he was suffering from "heat poisoning"

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson collapsed on stage during his concert in Houston on Saturday night, as the Houston Press pointed out in its review of the show.

Early on in the set, Manson told the audience that he was suffering from “heat poisoning.” He collapsed toward the end of his performance of Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”. He did get back on his feet to perform his fifth song of the night, “Antichrist Superstar”, but walked offstage afterward, at which time the rest of his set was canceled.

The Houston Press also points out that the photographer’s pit was cleared out prior to Manson’s set after the tour manager explained that the rocker was ill and didn’t want to be photographed.

Update: Manson tweeted late Sunday night / early Monday morning, informing his fans that he “ended up in doctor’s care”:

Manson, who is currently touring with Rob Zombie on the “Twins of Evil: The Second Coming Tour”, previously missed a concert in Toronto “due to an unforeseen illness,” which was later reported to be the flu. He also collapsed on stage during a show in 2017 — albeit as a result of much different circumstances. While performing in New York in September of that year, he accidentally pulled down a large stage prop. As a result of the incident, Manson needed 10 screws and a plate inserted into his leg, and another screw was placed through his ankle bone.

The “Twins of Evil: The Second Coming Tour” is scheduled to resume Monday night in Denver.


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