Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller suit to be reissued in celebration of 60th birthday

Fashion brand Hugo Boss will produce just 100 pieces, each with a hefty price tag of $1,195

Thriller suit cover reissue 60th birthday
Michael Jackson’s Thriller suit re-released for 60th birthday

    Most diehard Michael Jackson fans likely own all of the music legend’s biggest and best releases, but a new collector’s item has just hit the market. In honor of the King of Pop’s 60th birthday today, German luxury brand Hugo Boss is reissuing the iconic white suit worn by Jackson on the album cover of Thriller.

    While the suit has been given a 2018 update boasting a “narrower silhouette,” overall it retains many features of Jackson’s 1987 original, such as the “two pleats on the pants and three mother-of-pearl buttons on the jacket cuffs.” As the New York Times reports, the fashion line plans to release only 100 suits — each at a hefty price tag of $1,195 — so it’s certainly going to be considered a rare Jackson piece.

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    Although Jackson’s legacy continues to live on, the iconic artist has been eclipsed on the music charts recently. The Eagles’ Greatest Hits record has officially surpassed Thriller as the best selling album in history. Post Malone, too, has edged out Jackson, as his 2016 debut beat out Thriller for most weeks spent in the Top 10.

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