The Jesus and Mary Chain will soon begin working on a new album

Frontman Jim Reid reveals they'll start the process after their Nine Inch Nails tour


The Jesus and Mary Chain

    After nearly two decades, The Jesus and Mary Chain reconvened in 2017 to put out their comeback album, Damage and Joy. Thankfully, it appears fans won’t have to wait so long in between records again. In an exclusive chat on Kyle Meredith With…, lead singer Jim Reid revealed plans to soon begin working on a new album.

    According to Reid, the Scottish rockers will hit the studio soon after their tour with Nine Inch Nails. “We’re thinking of doing a new album soon after this tour,” he said. “I reckon that will be the next thing we do.”

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    The North American trek, dubbed “Cold and Black and Infinite”, launches in September and runs until the second week of December. It’s all systems go after that for JMC — especially if they know they’re working under pressure. “We work best with a deadline because we are the laziest people you can imagine,” an amused Reid explained.


    In terms of content, the new album could play out the same way as Damage and Joy, which featured some material dating back several years. It will be “mostly new,” but there will also be “some songs we’ve had knocking about for awhile,” he added.

    Listen to the entire episode of Kyle Meredith With... below. Reid also discusses the anniversary of JMC’s last album pre-breakup, Munki, as well as what fans can expect from their sets while on the road with NIN.

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