Dennis Rodman crashes Pearl Jam show at Wrigley Field

The NBA superstar turned America's de facto ambassador to North Korea appeared on stage to give Eddie Vedder a ukulele

Dennis Rodman at Pearl Jam concert

Pearl Jam were joined by a Chicago legend during their concert at Wrigley Field on Saturday night. Dennis Rodman, former NBA superstar turned America’s de facto ambassador to North Korea, appeared on stage to give frontman Eddie Vedder a ukulele prior to his encore performance of “Sleeping By Myself”.

Rodman also briefly took the mic to express his admiration for the Windy City. “There are two groups of people who have always supported me — North Korea and Chicago.” I guess that’s a compliment?

Rodman is a devout fan of Pearl Jam who has popped up at several of their concerts over the years. In an interview last year, he credited the band’s music for saving his life. “I went and got that album [Ten] and I would played it every day. For some reason, [“Black”] was on, I think that saved my life,” Rodman explained. Earlier this year, while in Singapore for Donald Trump’s North Korea Summit, Rodman publicly thanked Vedder on national television.


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