Recapping Castle Rock: “The Box” Brings Terror to Shawshank

The Losers talk about creepy barbers, the Deaver Bone Zone, and Roy Orbison

André Holland, Castle Rock, Hulu
André Holland, Castle Rock, Hulu

Warning: Due to a technical glitch, Michael’s microphone sounds incredibly muddy. However, the glitch has since been fixed. Apologies in advance.

Our weekly coverage of Hulu’s Castle Rock continues as Losers Dan Caffrey, Justin Gerber, and Michael Roffman grab a shovel and dig deep into episode four, “The Box”.

Together, they talk about creepy barbers, the Deaver Bone Zone, raw fish, Henry Deaver’s haunting memories, Scott Glenn’s diamond career, and, naturally, Roy Orbison.

Listen above and stay tuned next week for another episode recap.

Chapters include: Intro, Greetings from Castle Rock (27:30), Heroes and Villains (34:40), Shining Moments (1:08:35), The Sematary (1:16:25), Misery (1:23:00), King’s Dominion (1:25:00), Room 237 (1:29:00), Final Thoughts (1:34:15), and Outro (1:42:45)


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