Slayer meet The Bangles in “Walk Like an Angel of Death” mashup: Watch

The unlikely mashup pairs "Angel of Death" with "Walk Like an Egyptian"

Slayer Bangles Mashup
YouTube: Bill McClintock

Ever listen to Slayer’s “Angel of Death” and in the midst of banging your head, think to yourself, “Man, this song can use the sweet ’80s pop stylings of The Bangles!” Well, now you’re in luck, thanks to a genius new mashup from YouTuber Bill McClintock.

The mashup (watch below) strips away the thrashy riffs of the Slayer original, leaving in Tom Araya’s vocals as he sings the verses of “Angel of Death” over the music of The Bangles, giving way to Susanna Hoffs and company as they sing the chorus to “Walk Like an Egyptian”. Once in a while, some screeching guitars from Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman work their way into the mix.

The best part of the clip may just come toward the end when Araya screams as visuals from the Bangles’ music video show people doing their best Egyptian walks.

Interesting note: Slayer and The Bangles both formed in 1981 in California, so they do have that in common.

McClintock’s previous mashups include ones pairing Guns N’ Roses and Stevie Wonder; Ratt and Marvin Gaye; and Pantera and Bill Withers, among others.

Slayer recently announced that they will be extending their final tour well into 2019. We’re guessing they’re gonna stick to the thrash when they play “Angel of Death” at future shows.