Talking Dead staffers protest Chris Hardwick’s return by quitting

AMC initially removed the host following sexual abuse allegations made by Chloe Dykstra

Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead

Chris Hardwick is still making AMC sweat — and in all the wrong ways.

Last month, the cable network reinstated the Talking Dead host following a “comprehensive assessment” of sexual abuse allegations made by his former girlfriend Chloe Dykstra. An assessment, mind you, that didn’t even involve Dykstra.

With the series set to return this Sunday, Hardwick’s involvement hasn’t gone over well with some of his colleagues. According to The Wrap, “a handful” of staffers, including an executive producer, have quit in protest.

A source tells the publication that Hardwick had gathered his staffers for a “very emotional” meeting on Wednesday during which he was reportedly “apologetic and contrite.” He also offered one-on-one meetings following the staff round-up.

Following Dykstra’s allegations, several of his staffers had confessed that he was prone to “temperamental outbursts and loud confrontations” with one Nerdist colleague insisting that he or anyone in his circle “would make it difficult for those who crossed him to find work in the future.”

On Friday afternoon, Dykstra expressed her ensuing frustrations on Twitter:

As of publishing, Hardwick will host Sunday’s season premiere of Talking Dead. He also remains reinstated at NBC, where he appears on programs such as The Wall and America’s Got Talent, in addition to being re-listed on Nerdist as the co-founder.


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