The Struts turn it up on new single “Primadonna Like Me”: Stream

Luke Spiller embraces his frontman persona on ringing, soaring new track

The Struts Primadonna Like Me Ben Kaye Governors Ball

The Struts are all about the idea of swaggering stage persona. The idea of a larger-than-life personality is as much a part of their show as the crowd-riling glam rock music they play. On their new single “Primadonna Like Me”, the British rockers fully embrace this glorious ego-driven revelry of rock and roll.

“Primadonna Like Me” is a ringing, glittery track, as if Foxy Shazam had gone just a bit more Rolling Stones than Queen. Frontman Luke Spiller gives his all to the lyrics, pushing his vocal chords to their limits as he sends out a rallying cry for those who want to “turn it up, t-t-turn it up.” In a press release, he said the song “was written about my stage character, my alter ego. It’s this completely deluded guy running around his small town, all dressed to the nines—a full-on 21st century dandy going around saying, ‘Don’t you know who I think I am?’”

Take a listen below.

“Pimadonna Like Me” is already a live favorite for The Struts, and its official release will certainly lead to even more fans singing along to the booming chorus when the band returns to North American in September for a headlining fall tour. You can grab tickets here.

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