Donald Trump Jr. to host screening of Dinesh D’Souza’s latest propaganda film, Death of a Nation

The recently pardoned felon D'Souza's latest piece is an avidly pro-Trump feature

Dinesh D'Souza

Odds are by now that, unfortunate though it may be, you have at least a functioning knowledge of the existence of Dinesh D’Souza. If you don’t, congratulations, and read on. If you do, well, then the cold chill that tends to rapidly accompany mentions of his name has likely already passed through you. D’Souza, who became a convicted felon for campaign fraud in 2014 before being pardoned by the Trump administration back in May, has opted to convey his gratitude through Death of a Nationhis latest “historical documentary” premiering in theaters this week. In this one, he compares Trump favorably to Abraham Lincoln and Gandhi, while arguing that Hitler and Mussolini were leftists and their ideals are taking over the country.

It’s pretty boilerplate stuff for a hack like D’Souza, whose previous films 2016: Obama’s America and Hillary’s America dared to imagine the apocalyptic hellscapes that anything less than a fully conservative government will turn America into. Now, with Death of a Nation, he calls for audiences to take back their country, leaving the means purely implied so that he never has to shoulder any kind of intellectual or moral responsibility for the straw-man arguments he puts into the world. As if that weren’t enough, he’s also now being endorsed further by the administration that’s already gone out of its way to protect him.

Variety reports that a special screening of Death of a Nation is set to be held in Washington D.C. this evening, co-hosted by D’Souza and actual lizard person Donald Trump Jr., who already took to Twitter to express his excitement about the film and its potential to show the “truth” about leftists:

The screening will be kept private, no doubt so those in attendance may comfortably remove their human skins for the duration of the screening. If as you read this, you find yourself daydreaming about the climax of Inglorious Basterds for no particular reason at all, you’re hardly alone.

Death of a Nation premieres in theaters tomorrow, if you’re actually curious enough to look.


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