Nas responds to Kelis’ abuse allegations: “Even our son wonders why you treat me the way you do?”

"This is the first and last time I’m addressing this..."

Nas Kelis
Nas, photo by Ben Kaye

    Back in April, Kelis came forward and and stated she experienced “a lot of mental and physical abuse” during her four-year marriage with rapper Nas, which she characterized as “really dark” with “a lot of drinking” that led to “bruises all over her body.”

    Now, Nas has responded to those allegations in an extensive series of Instagram posts that detail a fraught relationship with his ex-wife and a lengthy, ongoing custody battle with their son, Knight. “This is the first and last time I’m addressing this,” he insists.

    Through seven emotional posts, Nas rallies against what he calls “fictitious” allegations, arguing that, “This is the type of antics that deceive people and people mistakenly call it strong.” From there, he recalls his own depression over his mother’s death, confesses to his own failings in their marriage, and even describes an incident from earlier this year in which Kelis attacked him in front of their son:


    “After 10 years of keeping my silence during a decade of dealing with very hostile behavior and verbal abuse and even your stepfather holding you back from one of your physical violent Attacks on me right outside your house THIS YEAR while trying to pick up our son while he watched from the window, it was my weekend and you denied me that because your parents were in town. I just went home. This has been my life for my son’s entire life. Even our son wonders why you treat me the way you do?”

    Part of that silence has extended to their own personnel as he writes, “Luckily for you our assistants all signed NDA’s or you would have a list of men and women who would happily talk about how verbally abusive and evil you are.”

    Ultimately, he insists that, “Everything with her is a plot and a scheme. Has no merit. No foundation,” he writes. “I didn’t wanna speak up because i have real respect for our women. And definitely my son. I do not beat women. I did not beat up my ex wife. Stop. You got beat up in court.”


    Read the full statement below.


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