Break out the Szechuan sauce, the Rick and Morty soundtrack has arrived: Stream

Featuring Ryan Elder's score and songs from Blonde Redhead, clipping., and Mazzy Star

rick and morty soundtrack

Rejoice, Rick and Morty fans — the cult-favorite show of Kanye West and Internet dweebs of various degrees of intensity finally has a soundtrack album. You can stream the entire album in full via Apple Music or Spotify below.

The animated Adult Swim series has been going strong for three seasons (and going on a fourth and beyond), thanks in part to Ryan Elder‘s quirky, creative score, which is heavily featured on the album. In addition, Elder’s score is accompanied by music from Mazzy StarBlonde RedheadChaos Chaos, Belly, as well as a couple of new songs inspired by the show itself, courtesy of Chad VanGaalen and hip-hop group clipping.

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In a recent interview with Collider, Elder spoke about how he approached writing the first few original songs and envisioned what they’d sound like:

Usually the lyrics to the songs are written into the script, so they always have an idea of what they want it to sound like. For example, for “Goodbye Moonmen,” the script said, “Fart sings a David Bowie inspired song,” so it was very clearly in the script, and then the lyrics were all there, exactly what I used. For that, it was very clear. Others like “Human Music,” I had to call Justin and say, “What the heck does human music sound like?” Then “African Dream Pop” from Season One as well as an instrumental that Gavin puts on when he’s turning into a creature, a Cronenberg. So that was just in the animatic as African Dream Pop, and so I was like, “Oh man, what does African Dream Pop sound like?” And that one I got to just go off on my own and figure out how I wanted to emulate that, but it was all in the title, right? It’s gotta be African, it’s gotta be Dream Pop.

Alongside digital streaming platforms, the Ricky and Morty OST is currently available on CD and vinyl, with a deluxe vinyl edition dropping on November 23rd. The special edition LP will come in an elaborate plexiglass window with LED lights and feature a number of bonuses, including “an extended mix of the screaming sun from the second season finale.” Pre-orders are available here.

Next month, a 37-piece orchestra will bring the Rick and Morty soundtrack to life at Adult Swim’s inaugural festival in Los Angeles.

The Rick and Morty Soundtrack Artwork:

Rick and Morty Album

The Rick and Morty Soundtrack Tracklist:
01. Rick and Morty Theme Song
02. Jerry’s Rick
03. The Small Intestine Song
04. The Flu Hatin’ Rap
05. African Dream Pop
06. Look On Down From The Bridge (Mazzy Star)
07. The Rick Dance
08. Goodbye Moonmen
09. Summer and Tinkles
10. Do You Feel It (Chaos Chaos)
11. Unity Says Goodbye
12. Get Schwifty (C-131)
13. Raised Up (C-131)
14. Stab Him in the Throat (clipping.)
15. Help Me I’m Gonna Die
16. Let Me Out
17. Memories  (Chaos Chaos)
18. Stuttering Light (Chad VanGaalen)
19. Alien Jazz Rap
20. For The Damaged Coda (Blonde Redhead)
21. Fathers and Daughters
22. Seal My Fate (Belly)
23. Terryfold (Chaos Chaos)
24. Tales From The Citadel
25. Rick and Morty Score Medley
26. Human Music


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