Aimee Man is writing the music for a Girl, Interrupted stage musical

She's also working on a separate musical that she describes as "my own thing"

aimee mann girl interrupted musical

    Broadway’s no stranger to musicals based on famous movies, but rarely is the source material as compelling as the Oscar-nominated Girl, Interrupted, which is apparently in the process of being turned into a musical. That news comes from Aimee Mann, of all people, who made the project even more appealing by revealing in a Los Angeles Review Of Books interview that she’s writing the music.

    The pairing makes sense: Mann’s last album, after all, was titled Mental Illness, and Girl, Interrupted tells the story of a young woman’s 18-month stay at a mental hospital in the 1960s. “So literally right up my alley—it’s about crazy ladies!” Mann joked, saying she doesn’t know when it will premiere as “plays always take forever.”

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    Mann also revealed that she’s working on another musical, one she describes “my own thing,” with playwright Jonathan Marc Sherman.

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