Car Seat Headrest cover OutKast’s “Hey Ya”: Stream

Something to look forward to should you hit up one of the freewheeling rock outfit's raucous live shows

car seat headrest outkast cover hey ya
Car Seat Headrest, photo by Heather Kaplan

    Car Seat Headrest brought their reworked Twin Fantasy to Seattle’s Showbox this past weekend, closing out their high-energy show with an unexpected (and absolutely delightful) cover of OutKast’s immortal “Hey Ya”.

    The cover emerged organically out of another cover, Dexys Midnight Runners’ “Tell Me When My Light Turns Green”. Frontman Will Toledo leans into the thing, too, cycling through Andre 3000’s verse before segueing into the song’s famous call-and-response section. Watch some fan-shot footage of the cover below.

    Elsewhere in the set, Carseat covered Darude’s Sandstorm”:

    Car Seat Headrest will continue the party in 2019, as they’ve just announced a new batch of headlining tour dates. Check them out here.

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