Chance the Rapper poses as undercover Lyft driver to raise money for Chicago public schools

"I always had a dream to get into music or poetry or something..." he told one unsuspecting passenger

Video Chance the Rapper Lyft undercover driver

Earlier this month, Chance the Rapper promised to donate $1 million dollars to mental health service providers all across Chicago. The announcement came just a little over a year after the charitable MC pledged $2.2 million to local public schools. Now, for his latest act of generosity, Lil Chano has raised money by posing an undercover Lyft driver.

A partnership between Lyft and Chance’s SocialWorks program New Chance Fund, the fun campaign saw the rapper shuttling random passengers around Chicago. Some suspected their driver — barely incognito in sunglasses and a beanie — to be that Coloring Book rapper, but others were left completely in the dark until Chance revealed his identity at the end of the ride.

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“I always had a dream to get into music or poetry or something…” Chance told one clueless rider. “I’ve never performed in front of anyone before.” Encouraged by his passenger, he then continued to play his clandestine part by stuttering out an amateurish freestyle.

Chi-town passengers using the Lyft app have the option to round up their fare to the nearest dollar, donating to his New Chance Fund, which provides assistance to area public schools. In a statement about the video, Chance noted, “Together, Lyft and I have been giving back with Round Up & Donate for SocialWorks’ New Chance Fund. Now, we’re having some fun in my hometown, Chicago, as I go undercover as a Lyft driver. I hope this video encourages even more folks to give back just by taking a Lyft.”

Watch the segment below.


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